Mike’s approach to design is collaborative. He supported my vision by working with me and making suggestions and receiving my ideas incorporating it all into the final product. It was a joy to work with him.

His patience and willingness throughout the process to do whatever it took was impressive. I love the final product.

Martha Ringer – www.martharinger.com / www.soullistener.com

I am grateful and relieved I have found Mike. He is quick, competent and engages with a smile. Mike has helped me update my WordPress website and all the plugins that are required to keep it secure and effective. Doing tech things is not my forte. I was reluctant to do any updates because I didn’t want to make some dreadful mistake I would regret later. Mike knew exactly what to do and did it promptly. He has also helped me in other tech areas as well. Mike is my go to person for website and tech support.

Leslie – www.Lesliesann.com

Although a simple google search could have provided me with the information I needed, filtering through endless search results would make a simple task an overwhelming one.

I am so genuinely grateful for the help you provided me.

I was able to post my content and was happily overwhelmed with the immediate influx of customers to my site. Thank you!

– Diana